Where can I get the Windows driver for the GPS/GLONASS USB dongle ?

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by YTB asked Aug 21, 2015
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We do not have any GPS/GLONASS USB Dongle in our portfolio.

We can only support direct OEM customers.

For product support please contact the vendor or manufacturer of your device.
by pedro.lopezestepa answered Aug 21, 2015
the packaging and the device show the ublox logo
It is sometimes the case, that our customers label their final product with u-blox logo in order to promote that their product is using one of our modules.

In order to get Windows drivers for most of our GNSS modules, please identify the module at the dongle, go to the product page at our Web-Page, then at the bottom part of the product page go to "More Tecnical Resources" and there, the last point contains all available drivers for that product. Example for NEO-M8 (https://www.u-blox.com/en/product-resources/2688)
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