ODIN-W2: Store certificates over PPP for EAP-TLS

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I would like to use ODIN-W2 exclusively in PPP mode and communicate with it over UDP port 25. Everything works expect uploading certificate using command AT+USECMNG for use with EAP-TLS.

I can send AT+USECMNG=0,1,"cc",1196 and module response correctly with a prompt >. Then I send a certificate. After a while, odin responses with ERROR and it does not respond to AT commands anymore. I must restart PPP to reactivate it again. I have EVK-W262U and it also blinks red after an error response.

I have firmware I'm using hardware flow control which is needed by the datasheet.

Is there a possibility to upload certificates over PPP?
by jan.breuer asked Jun 6, 2017
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I'd say there is an issue with your certificate.   Try a known good / verified certificate to see if it loads correctly.  Could size, format, etc.  You may find some info on the forum about certificate formats and other requirements.
by grumpy answered Jun 18, 2017
The format is not a problem. It should support DER and PEM formats and both are well known and defined.

Problem is, that it should at least reject wrong certificate or timeout in 20 s and recover functionality. It responses ERROR so after that, module shoudl be immediately usable and listen to other AT commands, which does not happend.
I would suggest contacting u-blox support directly by registering your project on u-blox website.
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