Where can I get FIS file for ublox 7 firmware update?

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I was thinking to update 7 series firmware to 1.01. Can't find FIS file for the update.
by veepee78 asked Dec 8, 2015
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I was able to find this firmware by searching the u-blox website for "firmware v 1.01"

by rmcn answered Dec 8, 2015
by veepee78 selected Dec 8, 2015
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Yes, firmware file (bin) is available, but not FIS (flash information structure) file required for update.
Thanks for the clarification. This FIS file is included with u-Center. It is contained in a file called flash.xml and is located in the u-Center installation directory. As long as you are using u-Center to update your device this will be everything you need.
so that can be used also as "flash information structure" file? It says definition file is for older devices? There are places for definition file and information file. And guide says definition is for 4,5,6 and information file for 7 and 8 generations..
Sorry for the mix-up of terminology (fixed in previous comment for clarity). Yes, you want the FIS file - this is the "flash.xml" file in the u-Center install directory. The Flash definition file used with older generations is the "flash.txt" file, also included with u-Center.
ok thanks! Just wanted to be sure before trying the update.
while gnss configuration, it asks for gps version 7.03.
how shoul i update it? what will i do with this firmware file?
The [Receiver -> Configuration] u-center option is for saving and uploading a config file.

To update the firmware, you need to use the [Tools -> Firmware Update...] u-center option.
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