Where can I download Android or Linux drivers for CAM-M8C-0 GNSS module?

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by jreliason asked Sep 22, 2017
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USB drivers for u-blox GNSS modules should already be included (or include-able) within most Linux builds.

Simple USB drivers should be moveable from Linux to Android platform to show up as a VCP.

Android declares a location API interface driver as standard to support any location-sensitive application.  You may not need this if your app can handle NMEA and UBX messages through a VCP, that may work but  you miss the Android driver benefits of AGNSS. Since licensing may be involved for the Android Location API driver, I understand that you may need to contact u-blox for next steps with that driver.

by grampy answered Sep 22, 2017
by grampy edited Sep 25, 2017
The CAM-M8C-0 GNSS has a UART interface, so the response referencing USB was a bit confusing, but the link was useful.

Is there a place other than Google Store to download the u-center app if the target device has not been certified as Google Store compatible?
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