Can I order the C94-M8P with the module HM-TRP-470 ?

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The C94‑M8P application board comes only with the modules HM-TRP-433 or HM-TRP-900 as I see in their ordening options.

Im triying to test the connection of the NEO‑M8P to a Trimble R10 base station that works at 454,55 MHz, so I think that the version HM-TRP-470 of the RF module may be the one I need.

Futhermore, any comment about what I want con acomplish will be very helpfull.
by alfred asked Nov 3, 2017
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Really don't think the HM-TRP radios are going to communicate with the Trimble ones.


The C94-M8P boards do provide a header where you can turn off and replace the on-board radio with one of your own.
by clive1 answered Nov 3, 2017
Thanks for your answerd,
I understand your point, but is there any chance that you can recommend any other radio module that could accomplish this?
Or any reference to some project where your M8P GPS module was used  to communicate with base stations from Trimble, Topcon, Leica or other manufacturer using RTCM 3.0?
I don't work for u-Blox

If your Trimble or Leica units output suitable RTCM3 messages via a serial connection you should be able to push it over a radio link. The RS232 port on the C94-M8P is connected to the on-board radio, so you could use that on the Base to inject data from your third-party GPS. You could also use a 3DR/HM-TRP ground radio (UAV components) to communicate with Rover board.

You could also use NTRIP to inject Network RTCM3 to a Rover via the USB port.

Is the Trimble using a Pacific Crest radio or something else?
Sorry, I just assumed that you were from the u-blox team.  Again thanks for your reply.

I don't think I could change de base station hardware stack and connect a radio system of my choosing, even tho its look like the best idea (I had not thought of that). The project in wich I'm involved contemplates only get RTK info from the existing base stations without interfere with them.

The NTRIP option, I think is not suitable in this case, because there is no WIFI available on the ground site and internet acces by gsm is really limited and slow, I think this will generate a downgrade in position corrections.

The Trimble base station is using a Pacific crest radio configured as Trimtalk 9600 bps .
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