C94-M8P with RTK network

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Hi to all,

I'm using the C94-M8P application board package which offer two boards (a base station and a rover).

I would like to know if it is possible to configure the board used as rover in order to use a permanent GNSS RTK network and not the C94-M8P base station. I was thinking to subscribe to a RTK network in order to avoid to use the base station.

Do you think it is possible? If yes, where can I find information on how to configure the rover board?
What kind of GSM modem should I use?

Thank you!
by marcusbarnet asked Nov 15, 2017
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The Release Notes for the NEO-M8P indicate which RTCM3 messages it can use, the Rover by default will accept RTCM3 messages on the UART or USB connections.

You should perhaps first experiment with NTRIP on a PC using either a client or the one built into uCenter
by clive1 answered Nov 15, 2017
Dans ce cas il faudrait une application extérieure qui envoit les données VRS ou autre sur le port USB ?
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