How can I convert files on the .ubx format to .obs RINEX?

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I'm using rtklib and teqc to try and get the files on RINEX format, but all I get are blank .obs and .nav files.
by F.Gom asked Aug 27, 2015
Please advise what version of u-blox receiver you are using.
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You may want to disable all other messages produced by the receiver and ensure that RXM-RAWX messages are enabled - you should be getting continuous stream of messages with B5 62 02 15 header.

u-blox does not provide conversion software.

The following software was given a good review by u-blox customers:
Novatel - Waypoint:

You may want to check with RTKLIB and TEQC to make sure they can support multi GNSS messages from u-blox M8 receivers.

by grumpy answered Aug 27, 2015
as I understand, currently TEQC doesn't support RXM-RAWX messages, but only RXM-RAW
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rtklib includes 'convbin' and 'rtkconv' tools for converting .UBX logs to RINEX.

This link provides more information.
by helge answered Sep 29, 2015
I also want to use RTKLIBS tool RTKCONV for postprocessing. I had some success converting a .ubx File to a .obs and .nav and .sbas file using RTKCONV. Therefore I did the following (I have ublox Neo-M8T receiver)

I enabled RXM-RAWX, RXM-SFRBX, AND RXM-MEASX only if I also enabled RXM-MEASX I was RTKCONV was able to convert the .ubx file before I did not manage it.

However I also tried with RXM-RAWX, RXM-SFRBX, AND RXM-MEASX enabled to log the data and then retrieve this .ubx file and convert it to a .obs and .nav file using RTKCONV but it did not work any suggestions why?

I also did not figure out why RTKCONV is not able to convert my .ubx file if I have just RXM-RAWX message enabled.
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