NEO-M8T has low pass filter causing motion tracking lagging? [closed]

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Does the NEO-M8T algorithm have a low pass filter (0.1Hz?), fusing results over time such that it provides a very stable, accurate reading of a fixed location, but lags when movement is included in the mix? From a recent set of testing, it seems it does:á´‰t-different-day/

Please read the link above, and let me know if you have an ideas / experience that would provide a way around this.



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by Hove asked Dec 20, 2017
by Hove closed Dec 20, 2017
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Check dynamic setting. CFG-NAVX
by clive1 answered Dec 20, 2017
by Hove selected Dec 20, 2017
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Thanks for the quick turnaround.  Sadly, I'm pretty ignorant and can't find CFG-NAVX in u-center.  The nearest is NAVX5 but I don't recognise anything that might be related to the LPF I'm speculating about.

Could you explain in more detail please or point me some instruction / documentation.


Sorry, was responding on phone from memory

UBX-CFG-NAV5 should contain the dynamics
Perfect, thanks Clive.

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