SARA-R410M version

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On top of my SARA-R410M it says 02B but AT+CGMM gives SARA-R10M-01B.

Which one is correct and what is the latest firmware AT+CGMR gives L0.
by arsinisa asked Jan 12
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Suspect you have some early prototype for the part.

Datasheet provides info on FW versions vs -XXB number.  Your FW version is not even listed, unless there is a typo in your message and it is L0.
by grumpy answered Jan 12
I have a u-blox EVK-R410-M-02B-00 that came with a SARA-R410M-02B-00 installed.
It states in top of the module that it is 02B-00. However Firmware reply states that it is 01B.
Following is a copy-paste from terminal:
Manufacturer: u-blox
Model: SARA-R410M-01B
Revision: L0.
SVN: 01
IMEI: 352753090041953




Where do I get latest Firmware and tools to update the module?
I would guess that you have -02B hardware but not the latest FW.  You may need to get latest FW from u-blox to update the part and get needed functionality.
Can you point me to a link where to download latest R4 firmware and tools?
I don't think u-blox publishes FW for cellular modems.  You should contact u-blox directly to get the FW.
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