Blueprint-B31 :DHCP setting failure

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Dear Sir,

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I had set to AP mode on Blueprint-B31 module then I key-in that wifi SSID/PW to OV doorbell device.

But that OV device will happen DHCP setting failure cause it didn't get a IP address from Ublox Wifi.

If I cross a repeater(brand name:TOTOLINK) between Ublox module and OV788 device that I can get IP and DHCP setting normally.

I had try other router/hot spot while without repeater and OV device always can got that IP.  

Why that need to use a repeater?

Have any command or UART console could be check that wifi had send the IP to OV device? 

Thank you very much.

Jebb Su


by Jebb_Su asked Jan 12
by Jebb_Su edited Jan 12
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Maybe you can try to use another Wi-Fi device, e.g. PC or mobile phone, to connect to the AP on B31 to check its functionality first.

The crash on the OV device may be most likely on the OV device side. What triggered this is unclear.

One thing you may try is to change the encryption on B31 from the default WPA2 to WPA or WPA and WPA2 mixed.
by leipo.yan answered Jan 17
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