How to halt EVA-M8M timepulse under poor signal conditions?

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I am using the timepulse output of the EVA-M8M GNSS Receiver as a PLL reference for a PTP application. Ideally, when my antenna receives a heavily attenuated signal I'd like my receiver to stop outputting its timepulse immediately, or within a few seconds, so that my system can enter a holdover state until a proper link is reestablished. However, as it stands now when this attenuation event does occur my receiver continues to output for an uncertain amount of time (10-40 seconds) until it finally stops being supplied. What can be done to hasten the removal of this lingering timepulse?

I've searched through the M8 Receiver Description Protocol Spec(UBX-1300221) and I haven't found anything that directly tackles my issue. Any assistance here would be greatly appreciated
by dmclaurin asked Jan 12
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Ths command UBX-CFG-TP5 allows you to set one time pulse rate or frequency output(e.g. 1Hz) when the system is locked to GPS and another time pulse rate or frequency (e.g. zero) when GPS lock is lost (as in a no fix state).
You can tighten up the estimated time accuracy parameter that allows a fix to be declared using one of the UBX-CFG-NAVn commands (sorry, can't recall which.)
Use u-center to experiment with appropriate settings and thresholds.
by grampy answered Jan 12
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