Network connection problem with SARA-N2

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Using EVK-N2 with SARA-N211 NB-IoT module.

When I turn on the device, I got response "+CEREG: 0,2" to command "AT+CEREG?", so I am unable to send UDP packets with an error: No network service.

After a while which can be a few hours i get response "+CEREG: 0,5" and then I can successfully send an UDP packet, but when i restart the module I have the same problem again.

What should I do to connect to network right after powering on the module to be able to send UDP packets?

 Please explain.
by TomHyhlik asked Feb 8, 2018
by TomHyhlik edited Feb 8, 2018
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Based on +CEREG values modem is roaming so it would take longer to register as modem will be looking for home networks first and then following info in the SIM card to register on roaming partners.

Not much you can do about it unless you can get a SIM from the local network operator with network in your area.
by grumpy answered Feb 13, 2018
Thank you for explanation!
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