Is it possible to trace LTE protocols (like in QXDM for Qualcomm modems) for Sara N2 modem?

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I am having problems accessing my network with Sara N211. What would really help me is to be able to trace the L3 protocols (RRC and NAS) and maybe even MAC (similarly as it is in case of QXDM for Qualcomm modems). Is there such a possibility with Ublox NB-IoT modems?
by dextras asked Feb 9
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I don't know if u-blox provides such tools as typically they are Intellectual property of chip manufacturer.

This approach seems extreme as I would think that you should first check if SIM card is correct, that you have coverage, that SARA-N2 is working and can see networks, etc, etc...
by grumpy answered Feb 13
Hi grympy!
Thanks for your answer.

My question was if there are any tools similar to the one provided by for example Qualcomm which is, we could say, one of the biggest chip manufacturer for mobile devices. Qualcomm still provides a way to access tracing of 3GPP standardized messages while hiding the one which are internal to their design (QXDM). But what about U-blox owned Sara-N2? There should be some tools available, even requiring a special license, to trace such messages.

Why would I like to even trace it? For example to check what is being broadcasted by my own cell in the lab (I work for one of the equipment vendors) as well as to check if the modem "understands" it correctly. It just makes my life easier :)

So again thanks for your answer - it seems there is nothing available though :(