Is there a way to get a Signal Quality or Signal Strength value of the Neighbor Operators/Cells?

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Hello U-Blox Forum.

We have decided to use the U-Blox TOBY-L210 with our new Product Line!

I use a U-Blox TOBY-L210-02S-00 for my development.

Within my new software, I need to build a small list of Info about Neighbor Operators/Cells. This list needs to have an approximate value for Signal Quality or Signal Strength.

I currently use “AT+COPS=?” to build a nice list, but I NEED an additional Signal Strength/Quality value for each Operator/Cell.

The “AT+CGED” command is NOT FULLY supported for TOBY-L210.

The “AT+CGED=1” works somewhat on our Toby L2010 but I CAN NOT see a way to synchronize the rows of operator Info and ID (from “AT+COPS=?”) with the Info from AT+CGED=5

AT+UCGED does NOT seem to provide Info about Neighbor Operators/Cells. It only seems to provide Info about the current Operator/Cell!

The “AT+COPS=5” generates Info, but again, I do NOT know how to Synchronize this Info with the Operator-ID from (from “AT+COPS=?”).

I already have experience using “AT+CSQ” and “AT+CESQ” to get Signal Info about the current Operator/Cell.

To summarize: Is there a way to get a Signal Quality or Signal Strength value of the Neighbor Operators/Cells?

Many Thanks for any NEW Ideas you might have.


Here are Example outputs from my TOBY- L210-02S-00:



+COPS: (2,"Liechtenstein","Salt","29502",7),(1,"Sunrise","Sunrise","22802",7),(1,"SwisscomFL","Swiss FL","29501",7),(1,"FL1","FL1","29505",7),,(0-4),(0-2)


 “AT+COPS=5” generates 9 Lines similar to these two lines:

MCC:295, MNC:02, TAC:a028, CI:520e03, dlEarfcn: 1601, ulEarfcn: 19601, PCI:121, RSPRLev:fffffc4f, RSRQLev:ffffff9d

MCC:295, MNC:01, TAC:383, CI:10dd803, dlEarfcn: 1301, ulEarfcn: 19301, PCI:55, RSPRLev:fffffcd1, RSRQLev:ffffffcf


“AT+CGED=1” produce a periodic/repetitive output:

+CGED: [LT10] E-UTRA EPS Bearer Context Status:

pdnConnectionId: 3, epsBearerId: 5, epsBearerType: 0, epsBearerNewState: 1

+CGED: [LT10] E-UTRA EPS Bearer Context Status:

pdnConnectionId: 7, epsBearerId: 6, epsBearerType: 0, epsBearerNewState: 1



fieldValidity: 31, rac: 00, accessTech: 0, freqBand: 255, mcc: 000

mnc: 00, lac: 0000, cellId: 000ffff, rncID: 65535


+CGED: [LT12] E-UTRA PUSCH Transmission Status:

totalPuschTxPower: 128, puschTxPowerPerRb: 128, avgPucchTxPower: 128, avgSrsTxPower: 128, avgGi: 128

avgPrimaryRssi: 128, avgSecondaryRssi: 128, wbReportPresent: 0, numSubBandReport: 0

numSubBandReport: 0

randIndDist[0]: 0, randIndDist[1]: 0, randIndDist[2]: 0, randIndDist[3]: 0

randIndDist[4]: 0, randIndDist[5]: 0, randIndDist[6]: 0, randIndDist[7]: 0

pmiDist[0]: 0, pmiDist[1]: 0, pmiDist[2]: 0, pmiDist[3]: 0

pmiDist[4]: 0, pmiDist[5]: 0, pmiDist[6]: 0, pmiDist[7]: 0

pmiDist[8]: 0, pmiDist[9]: 0, pmiDist[10]: 0, pmiDist[11]: 0

pmiDist[12]: 0, pmiDist[13]: 0, pmiDist[14]: 0, pmiDist[15]: 0


+CGED: [LT03] E-UTRA Measurement Report:

mcc: 295, mnc: 02, cellId: 0520e03, tac: a028, servEarfcn: 1601, servPhyCellId: 121, servRsrp: 21

servRsrq: 18, servRssnr: 15, freqBandInd: 3, dlBandwidth: 100, ulBandwidth: 100

numMeas: 3

[0] earfcn: 1601, phyCellId: 121, rsrp: 21, rsrq: 18

[1] earfcn: 1601, phyCellId: 113, rsrp: 18, rsrq: 9

[2] earfcn: 1601, phyCellId: 53, rsrp: 21, rsrq: 11
by Jack.LaPenta asked Feb 9, 2018
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Not sure why you are doing this as modem will move to the next cell as instructed by the network.

I think you exhausted your choices with TOBY-L2 here.  Maybe you just don't synchronize the names or levels and just use whatever data you get from the modem.
by grumpy answered Feb 13, 2018
Hello Grumpy,
Thanks for your feedback on my question.

However, I found a solution myself.
The BIG discovery was that Operator ID is just a concatenation of MCC and MNC!!!

I wrote some simple software to create a Table of Cell Info, using: ”AT+COPS=5”.
I then combine MCC+MNC to create an Operator ID for each Row of Cell Info.
I then use this Operator ID to look-Up Operator Info from a separate Operator Info Table, which is generated with the AT+Cmd:”AT-COPS=?” and insert them into the proper Locations of the first Cell-Info Table.

This Cell Info Table now has the required Information…

the values for RSRP and RSRQ are EXTREMELY DIFFERENT from the values I get from the AT+Cmd”:”AT+CESQ”!!! Why?

I can see the values from ”AT+COPS=5” are Negative Hex values so I PROPERLY converted them!

How can I convert the values of RSRP and RSRQ from the ”AT+COPS=5” Cmd to NORMAL ACCEPTABLE, BELEIVABLE values for RSRP and RSRQ???

Many Thanks,  Jack
Jack, Not sure if it is relevant anymore for you. Chances are that the 2 AT cmds are taking the data from different places (ie measurement reports sent by the modem to the mobile network and the internal readings) or different notation types. If you can pass an example of the 2 output values I might be able to help you. Alternatively search on google the LTE Layer 3 message flow to see how and when this information is sent by the mobile. On the measurement reports to get the RSRP value in dBm you need to add the read value to -140 for example.
Hi jack, did you find the way to get a NORMAL ACCEPTABLE, BELEIVABLE values for RSRP and RSRQ???
If yes please could you share it with me to this email:
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