NINA-B1 BLE pairing security

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Im following the "4.10Pair two NINA-B1 using Out-of-Band security mode" use case example of the "NINA-B1_GettingStarted" document.

After setting out of band security on both BLE devices (AT+UBTSM=6,0) and reseting them (AT&W; AT+CPWROFF), I generate a random OOB Temporary Key on the peripheral device (AT+UBTOTK=0), but the central device can still pair to the peripheral without entering the key with a common pairing command (AT+UDCP=sps://<peripheral_dev_address>p).

Moreover, if I try to pair using the command described on the document adding the key (code bellow) the pairing is refused.







Can anyone help solving this? Thanks.

by chertu asked Feb 13, 2018
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Looking at the guide there is a specific order for peripheral and central devices for this operation.  Are you sure you are doing it exactly the same?  Key is generated on peripheral, then central is configured and key is entered.

Suggest starting over following steps in the guide as they are described.
by grumpy answered Feb 13, 2018
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