SARA N2 UDP receiving problem

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Using EVK-N2 with SARA-N211 NB-IoT module.

I'm able to send UDP packets with AT + NSOST command. I have UDP echo server which receives UDP from modem with success, and sends answer. But I don't receive +NSONMI URC notification on modem and AT + NSORF don't returns any data

Do I have to globaly enable some notification, or could this be some power saving problem?

Thank you in advance



by sabotage asked Feb 13, 2018
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You would not get URC until modem actually receives data from the server.

The issue could be that the network blocks server >>modem data.

Power save could come into play but modem should still send out URC once data actually arrives.

I would suggest checking with the carrier first.
by grumpy answered Feb 13, 2018
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