EVK-M8N sametimes wrong time mark data

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I am using a EVK-M8N in the UBX-TIM-TM2 mode. With the rising edge on Pin 7  (EXTINT0) I get the time stamp. Via RS232 polling  and LabView I convert the message in a UTC-time (06:58:37.345178192). Sometimes its happend I get the wrong data for class and id. Normally the message structure is 0xB5 0x62 / 0x0D / 0x03. Sometimes I get 0xB5 0x62 / 0x04 / 0x04 and than ist the UTC-time wrong. What can be the reason for this and what can I do.

Thanks for your support.
by tino asked Mar 13
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Please provide a more complete and comprehensive log of the data emitted by the receiver.
by clive1 answered Mar 13
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I read in the receiver description is class = 0x04 than it is an information message. ID = 0x04 means it is a information as ASCII output with debug contents. The complete message which I receive is the following:

b5 62 04 04 10 00 57 55 50 20 6f 6e 20 69 64 6c 65 20 63 68 20 36 10 52 b5 62 0d 03 1c 00 00 f1 46 00 c7 07

Unfortunately I dont known how long is message. I read in my program only 37 byte maybe the message is longer. I habe not yet convert the message to ascii. I hope it makes sense. Thank you for your efforts!


by tino answered Mar 13
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