Upgrade the firmware version FW 06.57-A07.03 for sara-N280-02B-00 NB-IoT module

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I am trying to upgrade the firmware version FW 06.57-A07.03 for sara-N280-02B-00 NB-IoT module and I am using the Genuino Zero (32 bits Arduino board) with the NB-IoT shield.

when i open m-center, i set the COM port (9600 baud rate) and connect. after that i tried to click on initialization but the status says "not responding". 

plus there is no response to AT commands which I send and I always see a "No operator" symbol on the top right corner of the screen even with a sim card used in the shield.

by RitaMa asked Mar 13
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It is not clear if you are connecting directly to SARA or trying to use the Genuine Zero in some pass-through mode.

I have found that some "pass-through modes" are not as transparent as they claim - changing/adding/dropping characters, adding delays.

How about you first try a direct connection from m-center to the SARA-N280 through its UART from a PC with USB-UART TTL adapter to 3.6V (3.3V is the more usual standard of USB-UART TTL adapters and that might work fine, but you may have to hack that adapter interface to make it operate from SARA VCC).

Refer to sections 1.9.1 and 2.6.1 of the SARA-N2 System Integration Manual to ensure you have implemented the signal lines appropriately and that you have set up m-center to operate without flow control.
by grampy answered Mar 14
by grampy edited Mar 14
How did you get a new firmware version? I find nothing on the u-blox website.
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