How to connect Ublox GPS to U-center

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I have the VK2828U7G5LF gps module. When I connect it to an Arduino Uno board via the COM port, I am able to successfully monitor gps parameters (Lat, Lon, Time, etc). on the Serial Monitor window when running the Tiny GPS sketch.  Then I close the Arduino IDE program.

Next, I download u-center v8.18 and open the program on my Windows 7 PC.  Then:

a) I select the same COM port, and confirm baudrate of 9600 under the Receiver tab in the toolbar

b) Go to Configuration View --> PRT (1-UART1 port) I change baudrate from 57.6K to 9600, under RATES I increase frequency to 5Hz (200ms), and under CFG I select all Devices.  After each change, I hit "Send" to save the new setting.

That is all.  At this point, I expect a 3D fix from multiple satellites showing on the u-center monitor windows, but all I get is "No Fix" next to Fix Mode.  However, I do see binary information (showing Lat, Lon, Time, etc.) under the Binary Console window - rows 0000 thru FFF0.

What should I do in order to:

1) Save the above settings into a GNSS config file?  When I try that, a bunch of binary characters pops up and it exits without writing to a file.

2) Get satellite info, satellite fix, and location on the world map to show up on the U-center windows?

3) Change the baudrate to 115200 permanently?

 4) Flash an updated firmware if available - where do I look for newer firmware?

My internet searches so far haven't helped me address #2 above (note: the GPS acquires a fix within seconds from startup).  My end objective is to configure the GPS module to send only required information to a Flip32 FC on a quadcopter, so I can use GPS HOLD and GPS RTH functions when flying.
by timtodd asked Jan 26, 2016
by timtodd edited Jan 26, 2016
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Are you sure it's not a U7G5?

Most u-blox 7 implementations are ROM based, so no firmware upgrades. What does MON-VER report?

This is a chip level implementation, not sure if they use an I2C EEPROM to store non-volatile parameters, or have a battery.

Can you communicate with, and see position information, in u-Center before you change the baud and rate settings?
by clive1 answered Jan 26, 2016
It is a U7G5 (sorry for the typo, rectified the OP).  I can live without firmware upgrades.

The issue is that no information is visible on the u-center panes (as if the GPS is not communicating) - however, on the Binary Console window the Lat, Lon, Time, etc. are correctly displayed after a bunch of binary characters, on each row.  This only works when baudrate is set at 9600.  As soon as I change to 115200 or any other value under the Receiver tab and the Configuration View menu, the Binary Console just spits out a string of stars on each row instead.  Again, there is absolutely no response on the other windows (satellite level, world map - no fix, and nothing is visible).

I'd like to be able to  update to 115200 baud at 5 or 10Hz, and confirm it works on u-center before installing on my quad, but am unable to.
You should be able to use CFG-PRT to change from 9600 to 115200, then change the Receiver -> Baudrate to 115200. The CFG-PRT should provide an ACK visible in the View -> Packet Console

You should be able to see the same packets as before at this higher speed. If that works you can try altering the CFG-RATE, how high it can go will depend if it is running from ROM or FLASH, which MON-VER should be able to tell you.

CFG-CFG should permit the saving of the settings. Again watch for an ACK or NACK to confirm the command has been successful, or not.

I don't have any V.KEL parts to hand
Well, I haven't yet figured out how to get this GPS unit to be fully usable on Windows u-center when connected via my Arduino Uno board, but I got it to work flawlessly using an FTDI breakout board.  The old FTDI adapter (bought on Ebay) did not contain an "original" chip, which I suppose was a requirement in this case.  The new one (purchased on Banggood) is working well for flashing firmware, etc. on other boards too.
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