Raw GPS Data Acqusition from RINEX format

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Hello everyone,

I am curious that if raw gnss data can be re acqured from a RINEX file?

Parameters like:





Almanac Toa




Thanks for your help
by mesih asked Apr 7, 2018
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The Navigation file should have Ephemeris and UTC/ION parameters. http://www.colorado.edu/engineering/ASEN/asen6090/rinex.format

Almanac data is typically saved to YUMA files. http://celestrak.com/GPS/almanac/Yuma/definition.asp

You'd do better processing the raw sub-frames from the receiver and decode data per ICD-200
by clive1 answered Apr 7, 2018
Thank you for your attention,
Can I find raw sub-frames in a RINEX file or should I use an ublox receiver like LEA-M8 or LEA-6T?
Below there is a spreadsheet link that shows raw GNSS dataneeded for RRLP
I found some of them in the rinex files as per your post but a lot of them are missing

can you please suggest which way to go?
Can you please check it out?
The sub-frames are transmitted by the satellites, and contain the HOW/TLM along with the ephemeris, utc and almanac data.

The ephemeris/almanac both provide levels of orbital data, ephemeris being the most timely, and the almanac useful for long term positional estimates.

You should be able to get a u-Blox receiver to output the parameters in question, or generate YUMA and RINEX files with suitable software.

RINEX files are designed to allow post-processing which requires broadcast or precise ephemeris, and raw measurements of carrier phase, pseudo-range, doppler, etc.
Thank you for your response
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