BN 808 with seaclear charts

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Hi there I bought a ublox bn 808 to use as GPS receiver for my laptop so I could use marine navigation charts supplied by seaclear.

When I plug the BN808 into the usb port on my computer it doesnt seem to appear anywhere in my computer- the computer doesnt register it as a device or a drive. I have downloaded several bits of ublox driver software for windows but none of them seem to have made any difference. the Nav software doesnt recognise the GPS device either


Amyone got any ideas... I am not very good at this stuff


by matthewnuit asked Apr 9
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The BN808 is not made by u-blox. The claim that it contains a u-blox GNSS receiver is also suspect since there are many fakes claiming legitimacy.

If the BN808 contains a bonafide, properly implemented u-blox M8 receiver, the Seaclear software is likely expecting NMEA v2 GPS messages while the BN808 is sending NMEA v4 GNSS messages.  
There are many posts on how to resolve this; search for CFG-NMEA command in this forum.

But the more fundamental problem is the inability to connect with USB.  You haven't indicated what Windows version... solutions vary depending on version.
If you are using Windows 10, then you must remove the location/sensor USB driver and imstall the simple CDC-ACM VCP USB driver, available on most u-blox Positioning product web pages under "documentation and resources"

The USB connection shows up as a virtual COM port like "COM4". Download the u-center software tool from u-blox website "Support" menu, -> "Evaluation Software".  This will help verify your COM USB connection.

Refer to other forum entries on how to determine which u-blox receiver you have.

If you still can't get the USB to work, then contact the source from which you bought the product to get support and replacement.
If unsuccessful, then chalk this up as a learning experience and find a reputable supplier of puck/mouse GPS antenna products.
If the Seaclear software expects NMEA v2 messages, then consider a GPS antenna product based on u-blox 6 technology --older but works well and is compatible with older applications.
You might also check the Seaclear support forum for hints. My quick internet search for "seaclear" project puts it in the category of "old" software based on NMEA v2.  But there may be updates.  Try their forum.
by grampy answered Apr 9
by grampy edited Apr 14
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Go into Windows Control Panel. Click the Ports (COM and LPT) node. Do you have an entry called "u-Blox virtual Com Port" ?? If not, you definitely have a driver installation problem. This can be tricky.

FWIW, I just bought a BN808 off of ebay. Have not received it yet. grampy's comment makes me wonder if I'm getting a fake unit! When I get it I'll be able to share experiences.
by ted5 answered Apr 9
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Just got my BN-808 today. I've had it running for a couple hours, and if it's a counterfeit, it's a pretty darn good one!! Ublox binary and NMEA work fine, it claims it has firmware 3.01. Seems very sensitive, receives GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo, and locks on 21 satellites indoors! Precision looks good so far.

Perhaps you have a driver problem. I am using ublox vcp driver I did not download the driver the seller of the BN-808 had a link to; I had the driver installed already.
by ted5 answered Apr 14
Thank you for the positive update and increasing confidence in the vendor!
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