UART with Neo M8P and Adafruit feather M0

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Ive been chasing my tail for a while now trying to figure this out. I can't seem to get the neo m8p to send data to my adafruit feather m0. both 3.3v logic, confirmed that the tx->rx and rx->tx. We have a custom integration board and have also confirmed that the GPS works over USB but I think we're missing something in the configuration. Were using the tinygps library to no avail. GPS configuration has output prt set to UART1. What am I missing? Before someone asks we got the chip from digikey so its almost certainly real, and behaves as if it is in Ucenter.
by rickyh asked Apr 12, 2018
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Should output NMEA at 9600 8N1 in a normative manner, works on the CM0 platform I'm using like any other GPS receiver.

Perhaps you should just use some software you've written yourself to echo USART activity out a different port.

If you've configured it to output RTCM3 data via the UART or disabled NMEA, you likely won't see anything with tinygps. Suggest you scope the pin and look at what data is coming across.
by clive1 answered Apr 12, 2018
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