Does TimePulse continue while in Backup mode? u-blox M8

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I am just getting started with Ublox M8Q and having a rather basic question not directly answered in the datasheet/ hardware integration manuals.

Does TimePulse continue while in ON/OFF EXTINT Backup mode?

I'm looking for a low power method to track 3600s while the MCU sleeps. It would save me 5uA to have this pulse originate from the Ublox chip versus my MCU internal watchdog.

Thank you.
by jacky4566 asked Apr 15
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No. In backup mode only the internal RTC and battery-backed memory persist.  The RTC does not create the timepulse; the timepulse is driven by the navigation engine and that requires VCC on.
by grampy answered Apr 15
by jacky4566 selected Apr 16
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