What is the torque spec for the sma connectors

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by joejohnson asked Apr 15
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For mechanical details, you should search the internet for typical specs for SMA connectors.  Note that there may be several specs for different forms of connectors.  
A) Since you haven't identified the u-blox product, it's hard to guess what kind of SMA you have.
B) I'm not aware of u-blox production products that include SMA connectors.  If you have an EVK,  those are evaluation units not intended for production use hence mechanical specs and datasheets are not applicable - use EVKs  at your own risk.
by grampy answered Apr 16
That and the material types for the two things being screwed into each other. I would tend not to go beyond hand tightening
Okay thank you for the quick reply. I am using C94-M8P which has two SMA connectors on it. My environment has a lot of vibration so I need something more than hand tight. I considered loctite but I was told that could interfere with the single
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