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When in u-center, and you want to connect to the receiver (eval kit M8) via USB on Windows 10, it connects successfully but disconnects again after 0.5 seconds only to reconnect again. this enables/disables some menus and make it hardly usable.

I've tried changing the baud rate to 2400 or 57600 but it did not change anything. Any idea?
by retosan asked Apr 16
by clive1 edited Apr 16
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I'm not a big fan of Win10, make sure that it used the VCP Driver rather than the Sensor Driver where possible.

The EVK-M8 should self power, I would perhaps check on a different port/cable, or on a different machine, to try and isolate where the issue is coming from.

Avoid connectivity to self-powered hubs

by clive1 answered Apr 16
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