Setup bridge from WiFi to Ethernet with Debian fails on EMMY-W163 [closed]

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I'm trying to setup a WiFi to Ethernet bridge with the EMMY-W163 but adding the WiFi interface to the br0 interface fails:

$ brctl addbr br0
$ brctl addif br0 mlan0
can't add mlan0 to bridge br0: Operation not supported

A workaround mentioned on other forums also fails:

$ iw dev mlan0 set 4addr on
command failed: Operation not supported (-95)

Modules are added according to the manual:

$ insmod /lib/modules/<kernel_version>/extra/mlan.ko
$ insmod /lib/modules/<kernel_version>/extra/sd8xxx.ko fw_name=mrvl/sd8887_uapsta_a2.bin cfg80211_wext=0xf

What am I doing wrong or is this not supported?
closed with the note: Solved
by marvellous asked Apr 16
by marvellous closed Apr 19
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With EMMY-W1 being host based module and all info from u-blox seems to be confidential you may need to work directly with u-blox on this one.  I know u-blox provides drivers for EMMY and if you do not use them you may not get all the features, etc.
by grumpy answered Apr 19
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