"AT+COPS=?" result is "+COPS: ,,(0-5),(0-2)" - what does it mean?

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In the AT command reference I see that "If the antenna is not connected, then the information text response to the test command is: +COPS: ,,(0-4),(0-2)" so it looks similar to this.

However an antenna is connected, I have replaced antenna, cable and modem but the result is the same.

The SIM has been tested on a mobile phone and it registers and operates without issue.

I am using the LISA-U200-02S on a mini PCIe modem. Any ideas what the issue may be?

Thanks in advance for any help.
by dimitris asked Sep 1, 2015
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Please could you add a comment to your original question with the exact AT command response you are receiving?

If AT+COPS=? returns a list containing no network names, this indicates that no networks were found during the scan.

If the module is able to detect networks a typical result will look similar to:

+COPS: (1,"AT&T","AT&T","310410",0),(1,"T-Mobile","T-Mobile","310260",0),,(0-5),(0-2)

Note that the module will perform the scan in response to AT+COPS=? even if no SIM is inserted, so the SIM card can be ruled out as a potential factor.

by rmcn answered Sep 1, 2015
by iwes edited Sep 2, 2015
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It turns out some of the modems we received had +CFUN set to 4 (default: 1), which "disables both transmit and receive RF circuits by deactivating both CS and PS services and sets the MT into airplane mode".

+COPS now properly scans & detects networks.
by dimitris answered Sep 2, 2015
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