When can I get a ZED-F9P?

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I know that no one here can answer this question, but now that it is on the new line card and there is a product summery:



A real product (and datasheet) can't be far behind. ( I sincerely hope!)
by KenMcGuire asked Apr 27
We have been testing the ZED-F9P for a few weeks and the performance is awesome.
If you are interested in a development board for testing the ZED-F9P  we just launched a Kickstarter campaign: https://kck.st/2NhLhBW
I contacted u-blox and have not heard back. Engineering samples have supposedly been released.
We just announced our first pre-production prototype: https://kck.st/2NKbLaU
You can already place orders and we expect to ship in December 2018.
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I hear that folks are camping outside the u-blox offices around the world.  Likely the ZED may shade the iPhone!
by grampy answered Apr 27
See today's press release.
Yep, end of July for engineering samples. I hope to see a datasheet before that.
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I contacted u-blox and they said that the evaluation kits will be available at the end of Nov 2018.
by PaulT answered May 2
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What Ken's board looks like...

by clive1 answered Nov 9
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