Could I communicate with the evaluation Kit EVK-R4(SARA-R410M-02B) without a SIM card, please?(Using ATcommands for exp)

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by MANAY asked May 16, 2018
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Pretty sure the AT interface will still function absent a SIM, you should be able to query the modem to determine the presence of a SIM, and read out that registration is denied, etc?

Do you currently have a problem with an EVK, or what specifically is going on?
by clive1 answered May 16, 2018
Yes, I have a problem with EVK. I am connected but AT commands can not be send.
Let's try to get some more details here, might help to diagnose the issue.

Windows or Linux?
USB or RS232?
If USB how many COM ports were instantiated, and which ones have you tried connecting to?
How is the board powered?
2 COM ports (I tried both of them)
It is powred by the sector.

|                                          switch  1    (--  )    |  
|                                          switch  2    (  --)   |  
|                                          switch  3   (  --)    |  
|                                          switch  4    (  --)   |  
|                                          switch  5   (--  )    |  
|                                          switch  6   (--  )    |  
Looks reasonable, and when you plug in USB you get two COM ports? And you've connected at 115200 8N1 and used a simple Terminal app to type in AT and hit return?

I don't have an EVK-R4 here to do a walk through
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