C94 M8P J8.1 V_BAT - Is it in or out?

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Hi there,


I am trying to connect a Hardware to the C94. Is the Jumper J8.1 V_BAT IN or OUT, meaning does it provide with electricity or is it to provide the C94 with electricity?

I am only measuring 2.9V. Can this be?

Is there a way of getting 5V on the C94?


by tseck asked 5 days ago
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It is not designed to power external devices. The connector is designed to attach a GSM Modem, you can't supply 2A to such a modem via USB.

The schematic indicates that the header V_BAT pin is common with the screw down power input connector, and will be whatever voltage you apply there. ie 3.7 V to 12 V


I've seen docs where they should how to pull the regulated board supply off the end of one of the capacitors. Review the schematic.
by clive1 answered 5 days ago
Thank you anyway, clive1.