NEO-M8U-0 Storage Temperature Specifications

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The NEO-M8U-0 datasheet specifies maximum storage temperature up to +85C. Can you please advise if this is correct and what limits the storage temperature to +85C.  What would be the impact of using storage temperature in excess of 85C (up to 105C) for 0.1% of the product service life (15 years).
by araymond asked May 16, 2018
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Excessive temperatures tend to degrade data retention in FLASH and EEPROM devices.

The latter can be a problem for TCXO clock sources where coefficients are stored in EEPROM, and these can be lost.

Can't speak to the specs of u-Blox devices, you should perhaps contact support and discuss with support engineers.
by clive1 answered May 16, 2018
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