LARA cell modem: Is there a problem reading certs with a serial 20 bytes long?

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I'm trying to connect my LARA-R201 to Amazon IoT. They require that your device use a device certificate. They have a tool where in the click of a button it will generate a private key, device cert, and also give you the Amazon CA cert.

Using the LARA-R201 demo kit and mcenter, I've been able to add the private key and Amazon CA cert. However, I'm having problems adding the Amazon generated device cert. It's telling me invalid certificate/key format.

I've read in some other posts that it might be a bug that the device won't accept certs with a serial 20 bytes long, even although that is in the standard:

Does anyone know a way around this? One person said that they implemented the networking stack on their own, something I'd prefer to avoid.
by w1res asked Jun 11, 2018
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Links seem to point to different modems so I don't think it is applicable.

I would suggest looking at notes below AT commands for key management and then checking your certificates against them.
by grumpy answered Jun 13, 2018
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