U-Blox C030-N211 MBed Online Compiler Error

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When using the online MBed compiler for the U-Blox C030-N211 (NB-IoT) development board I am presented with the following compiler error:

"Error: Cannot open source input file "device.h": No such file or directory in "extras/mbed/platform/platform.h", Line: 29, Col: 21"

It would appear that the device is not included in the standard "mbed.h" header file. I have updated this file to the most recent version, but the problem persists.

Is it possible to use the online compiler to configure and program this board, or must an IDE (such as Keil) be used?
by DarrenF87 asked Jun 11, 2018
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As far as I know online compiler should work fine.

I would suggest posting this on mbed forum - you may have more answers there since this is mbed code/compiler issue.
by grumpy answered Jun 13, 2018
Thanks Grumpy - I've also asked this on the MBed forum but have had no response as of yet.
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