U-Blox radios supporred in Android 7.0 RIL driver

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Appendix D in the U-Blox Android RIL Application note (Document UBX-13002041 R19 17-Jan-2018) details Android 4.2 - 8.0 module configuration. There is a comment at the start that this is for the Toby-L2 series only.

Does this mean that other radios such as SARA, LISA etc will work with the Android 4.2- 8.0 RIL driver but that the configuration in the section only applies to the Toby-L2 series


Does it mean that the RIL driver for Android 4.2 - 8.0 RIL only works with the Toby series and not with other radios.

I'm assuming the 4.2 - 8.0 RIL driver works with all radios but I just want to clarify this.



by BDP42 asked Jun 11, 2018
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My interpretation would be that RIL works with all modems but section that you are referring to is only applicable to TOBY-L2.

Typically TOBY-L2 has different behavior compared to other modems as it is LTE CA4 part and not UMTS or 2G part.  Different technology, different interfaces, different data connections, etc.
by grumpy answered Jun 13, 2018
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