U-Blox radios supporred in Android 7.0 RIL driver

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Appendix D in the U-Blox Android RIL Application note (Document UBX-13002041 R19 17-Jan-2018) details Android 4.2 - 8.0 module configuration. There is a comment at the start that this is for the Toby-L2 series only.

Does this mean that other radios such as SARA, LISA etc will work with the Android 4.2- 8.0 RIL driver but that the configuration in the section only applies to the Toby-L2 series


Does it mean that the RIL driver for Android 4.2 - 8.0 RIL only works with the Toby series and not with other radios.

I'm assuming the 4.2 - 8.0 RIL driver works with all radios but I just want to clarify this.



by BDP42 asked 6 days ago
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My interpretation would be that RIL works with all modems but section that you are referring to is only applicable to TOBY-L2.

Typically TOBY-L2 has different behavior compared to other modems as it is LTE CA4 part and not UMTS or 2G part.  Different technology, different interfaces, different data connections, etc.
by grumpy answered 4 days ago