Rover data logging and storing to onboard flash drive NEO M8P

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I have a base and rover M8P set-up and connected to my Windows 10 laptop (which has be configures to >1 GNSS using the selection guide for GNSS USB drivers).


I am following the instructions set out in section 21 "logging" of the u"-blox M8 receiver description" manual. Which includes creating a new file in UBX - LOG - CREATE and recording data using UBX - CFG - LOGFILTER.


I have been able to get the rover to receive and store data to the flash memory when attached through the USB to my laptop. I have not been able to disconnect the rover from the USB and for it to begin to log and save data to the flash memory once it is powered up on its own battery supply- which is what I would like to do.


I have tried various combinations (apply all filter settings and log once per wake up) of set-ups in the UBX - CFG - LOGFILTER but with no success. I assume it could be another setting that I have not been able to find to enable this. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could rectify this?


Many thanks

by Rhys asked Jun 13, 2018
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Did you save configuration using CFG-CFG command before removing USB?

I am wondering if you are removing power to the rover resulting in loss of configuration and logging requests.
by grumpy answered Jun 13, 2018
That worked - thanks for your help.

I have another question about Fixed/Float/3D mode once exporting the the data from the flash drive. If anyone can help.

When I disconnect the rover from my laptop it is in fixed mode and when reconnected to its own battery supply it goes into RTK mode (as indicated by the solid green light).

When I retrieve the data from the flash memory using u-blox 7/8/M8 retrieve log in u-centre the fix mode is showing as 3D in the data view? have a missed another setting?

Many thanks
If I remember correctly logging option of the receiver only includes NMEA messages and they do not carry Fixed/Float info - not part of NMEA set.  Only UBX messages contain this info.  You may need to log to external process or possibly correlate some of the PDOP values from NMEA messages to determine if rover is in Fixed or Float mode.
Thanks for the info - a great help.
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