Please, could you give me some examples of software workflow diagrams (RF communication application)?

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My goal is to prepare one for SARA-N2 or SARA-R4. So, I need some examples of even 3G or GPRS.
by MANAY asked Jul 10
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Hi Manay,


depending on what you are searching for, you can find really interesting practical examples with AT command flow to be followed in the following application note:
by alel answered Jul 10
Hi Alel,
My goal is to prepare software workflow diagram. It has a higher level  than examples at page 25 or 41 in this document. Indeed, software workflow diagram should describs some other functionalities like frame analysis task or software layers ( TCP-IP, RF network),the relation between them... .
Higher level is specific to your application, the workflow has to correspond to your need. I think this out of u-blox scope
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