NINA-B112 as BLE Peripheral, GATT client?

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We're working with NINA-B112 with 4.0.0 of the u-blox firmware, and we're looking at the getting started guide UBX-16009942. There are examples there on how to configure GATT Client/Server by configuring BLE Central/Peripheral so the document seems to assume that:

  • BLE Central = GATT Client
  • BLE Peripheral = GATT Server
However we're designing a smartwatch-like device that needs the smartphone to be a GATT Server (sending notifications, etc.) and the NINA-B112 to be a GATT Client, but the smartphone still initiates the connections (BLE Central). Looking through the AT Commands Manual (UBX-14044127) we haven't found a way to do this with the NINA-B112.
Nordic says that the Client/Server roles are not decided by the Central/Peripheral roles here:
So hopefully this combination (Central/Server, Peripheral/Client) is doable with the NINA-B112? If so, how?
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by aonsquared asked Jul 10
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I think those are two separate levels of connection.  Central/peripheral are BT roles.  Server/Client are u-blox GATT service level conditions.  You would need to set central/peripheral as needed.  Then you would have a server running on the smartwatch application.  When two are connected NINA-B1 will be a client for GATT server.

Check AT commands manual for related commands.
by grumpy answered Jul 17
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