Sara-G350 Firmware Update

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I am wanting to perform a firmware update for the SARA-G350 module. The "Cellular Module Firmware Update" document from UBLOX suggests several options, one of them being the EasyFlash tool. However, that tool is nowhere to be found online so I have been struggling a little. I also know that there are ways of performing a firmware update using AT commands or the "FOTA" option on m-center, but I have no idea where to actually get the firmware update file from.

My questions are:

1. How can I obtain the EasyFlash tool? Is it available online or do I need to contact either UBLOX or one of its distributors?

2. Where can I actually get the firmware update file from and what is the newest version?


by damian96 asked Jul 11, 2018
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I think you need to register your project with u-blox and get FW and EasyFlash tool from them.  Or maybe distributors have this info as well.  Check with them.
by grumpy answered Jul 11, 2018
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I have the same problem. I'm unable to find a way to update SARA-G350 module.

Have you managed to sort out?
by :mac answered Dec 6, 2018
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