if i order one module, i only get chip and antenna or i will get complete circiut?

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by keepwalk asked Jul 24, 2018
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Your question is unduly vague, what specific module/part are you talking about?

The NEO-M8N would just be the module. The SAM-M8Q would be a module with an antenna mounted.

Please review the Hardware Integration Manuals for the specific product of interest, along with the Data Sheets.
by clive1 answered Jul 24, 2018
yes, i want to order NEO-M8M, but i dont know they will send antenna and only the chip, what i need to design circuit. so is that forexample on ebay? (RX,TX,VCC,GND output)
maybe can anybody one picture then arrived this?
The NEO-M8M isn't super popular to the point you'd see boards on eBay

There are boards like this with NEO-6M parts on, if you are adept at desoldering you could try replacing the module

Might have better luck finding NEO-7M boards, admittedly a lot of fake ones out there, but the real ones use firmware on ROM, and use a crystal.

The ones pictured here look to be authentic, doesn't guarantee what they'll ship you, but you can always dispute fake/counterfeit goods.
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The bare modules you can purchase look like this

There is a Hardware Integration Manual that describes the board design requirements.

Perhaps look at how the GY-GPS-NEO boards are designed, this is a pretty minimalistic design (tip use Google)


by clive1 answered Jul 24, 2018

this link they write passive and active antenna (pipe), so they not will send this only chip nothing else?
end thx circuit
u-Blox sells modules, other companies build them on to boards/products.

If you want to test, you can buy the EVK (Evaluation Kits), these are more expensive, and allow engineers developing designs the test and evaluate.
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If you want a NEO-M8N, on a board, for connection to a micro-controller (3.3V), with an antenna

This is a legitimate vendor I've always received authentic parts from. This is on a GY-GPS board, and comes with a U.FL connected active antenna

by clive1 answered Jul 24, 2018
I have one “same” module but i cant update firmware (indentify flash) and the consumption 50mA in continuous mode and 21.6mA In power save mode. I think it is too big so In my opinion it is not real NEO-M8N
You'd need to attach an in focus oblique photo for me to tell if it is fake or not. Edit top post

On this board the 5V runs the regulator, module, LED, EEPROM, charges the battery, and also provide current for the antenna. Where exactly are you measuring the current?
i will under
and i measure on VCC on board
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Here is my module.

by keepwalk answered Jul 25, 2018
by clive1 reshown Jul 26, 2018
Could you work on the focus/macro settings a bit?
i try again under
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Here again i hope it is okey.

by keepwalk answered Jul 26, 2018
Yes, the label and the can suggest this is a counterfeit device.

I can't tell you if the current is too high, the specified values are for the module alone, at 3V, where as you're looking at the backside of the 5V regulator, which is also powering the battery, LED, EEPROM and antenna.

The ROM and crystal based modules will use less power, and have lower power modes. Consider the NEO-7M https://www.u-blox.com/sites/default/files/products/documents/NEO-7_DataSheet_%28UBX-13003830%29.pdf
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