Sending data via bluetooth to an application

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sorry for my bad english and maybe bad community manners, first time using this one.

My situation is:

I want to send GPS data via Bluetooth to an application.I have the C94-M8P u-Blox Application Devlopment Board and a HC-06 bluetooth Modul.

The rxd of the hc-06 is connected to the Rover station to the J8 pin number 10 (TXD_GNSS).  Furthermore, the hc-modul is connected to pin J8.1 for VCC and is grounded in J8.2. The pin J8.20 (RADIO_OFF) is switched off via V_Bat, the datasheet wrote this was neccessary to enable UART communication.

In u-center by the rover i configured UART1 is protocol in RTCM3 and for example NMEA for protocol out. The baudrate is 9600. I thought now if I connect to the hc-06 module with my mobile that this data is sent. For testing purposes, the app bluetooth Terminal HC-05 is installed there, to see if there is any bluetooth data traffic, but there isn´t.My Question is, did I do something wrong during the setup? And Furthermore is it possible to receive RTK correction data from the base station and sending the rover GPS data via bluetooth to an app. 

I would be glad if someone has an advice.

by Matt asked Aug 8
by Matt edited Aug 8
Hi Matt,
I am trying to achieve what you have already done: connecting a HC-06 module to my C94-M8P Application Devlopment Board. Since I am new with this, may I ask you if you have got any photo showing how you connected the wires?
After I make the right connections, I should be able to see a bluetooth device on my PC, shouldn't I?
Thank you in advance for your help.
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Can you put an oscilloscope on the rxd of the HC06 to see if there is a data stream coming in? You should probably see bursts every second or so.

I use HC05 and HC06 for various things. The rxd and txd are not true RS-232 levels, it's TTL. I don't know about the ublox eval board levels. You should check into it. Also, look out for polarity. The HC modules polarity may be reversed from the uBlox eval board. Good luck.
by ted5 answered Aug 9
by Matt selected Aug 9
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Thank You! The HC-06 Modul was broken and i didn´t configure the output message for the rover!
Instead of an oscilloscope i used an arduino to see if there is any traffic data and that brought me to the solution!
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