Is there any possibility to change ESF-RAW data rate to get every 10ms?

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I am now getting the ESF-MEAS and ESF-RAW data from my EVK-M8(FW version : ADR 4.11) kit and using it in my application.
The data seems to be correct and application works fine. I am using linux and getting the data through USB connection to my laptop. But I have a problem related to the performance of my application.
I can see that ESF-MEAS data comes every 100ms and ESF-RAW data also at around 100ms(10 values together(572x10)). Though for my application development, it os okay, I want now to get the data more real time.

Is there any possibility that I can get the ESF-RAW at a faster rate? May be every 10ms one measurement insted of 10 together? It is mentioned in the document "the rate selected in CFG-MSG is not respected". But still is there any workaround? Or any other possibility?
by QtDeveloper asked Aug 9
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As far as I know there are no ways of changing ESF-RAW rate.  Most of the info on this is under NDA so you may need to talk with u-blox directly on this.
by grumpy answered Aug 9
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I suspect that would be overly burdensome on the core. Can you use the 20 Hz HNR (High Navigation Rate) messages?

You'd want to register your project and talk directly to the support engineers and ADR group.

The alternative would be to use some of the Adafruit 9 or 10-DOF IMU breakout modules (or similar AHRS boards), or one of the numerous flight controller boards that combines sensors, STM32 F4 or F7, and USB connectivity
by clive1 answered Aug 9
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