Hotspot with ELLA-W131 on TOBY-L210 won't enable anymore

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I do recently have a problem with  TOBY-L210 creating a hostpot using the ELLA-W131 module.  I have set all parameters according to the "Wi-Fi+_+Cellular+Integration.pdf", which did work fore me previously, but now it stopped working.

"AT+UWCFG=1" only returns "ERROR" which does not help much to identify the problem.

Module is being enabled via the GPIO, I see it going from LOW to HIGH after issuing "AT+UWCFG=1", there is data on SDIO lines, I checked with my logic analyzer. Powersupplies are all there and in valid range, reset is HIGH.

Context is configured/enabled. Connectivity is there, I'm able to perform HTTP operations via AT.

I checked with another fresh board, same issue...  Any ideas, suggestions?
by flberg asked Aug 9
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Have you set +CMEE=2 to see if more info on ERROR is available?

If it worked before then something was changed.  Maybe start from scratch?
by grumpy answered Aug 9
Thank you for hint, but "extra" information does not really help:

+CME ERROR: Operation not allowed

It is exactly set as described in Wi-Fi / Cellular Integration - Application Note.
I'm really running out of ideas...
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