TTFF takes 5 seconds for Hot Start when unit has been off for 5 minutes

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We are using the NEO-M8Q module.

In our application, we have the module off most the time using the battery backup to keep memory live.

Occasionally, we turn the module on to capture a single PPS and then it goes off again for about 5 minutes.

It seems that from turn on to PPS takes about 5 seconds. Is there any way to speed this up?
by CalvinDay2 asked Aug 9
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Probably not, the subframe time is synching on is on a 6-second loop. Would look for options to adjust timing accuracy threshold.
by clive1 answered Aug 9
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Read about, then experiment with u-blox power save mode parameter to see which yields the quickest time to first timepulse and lowest overall energy consumption.  Use these parameters and your requirements to create/model your own best duty cycle.
by grampy answered Aug 9
by grampy edited Aug 9
Note also that datasheet hot-start numbers for time to first fix of less than one second rely on calibration of RTC and temperature stability of RTC. By understanding the variables and their influence on subsequent time to first timepulse, you may he able to find the curve for lowest energy consumption
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