How to connect an external flash on the CAM-M8 module

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I understand the module can log position data, and store it. Can you use an external flash memory to store and ret reave the log?

I couldn't find any information on this. I understand there are messages to support this function, but where is it stored?



by marcelom49 asked Aug 10
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The UBX-M8030/ROM might support via external QSPI Flash, but don't think those pins are exposed on the CAM-M8
by clive1 answered Aug 10
UBX-LOG-INFO reports the capacity
Current NEO-M8N has several MB of space free
Got a G-Mouse here that uses an 4Mbit SPI Flash offering 476KB
It appears that if I want to use the CAM-M8 (antenna module), I need to store each position on the host flash. I need about 4Mbit+ for my app. I didn't see if the module has internal flash free.
Is the CAM antenna that good it's actually compelling?
The VK2828U8G5LF has a 512KB (4Mbit QSPI), it's not a NEO-M8N, and VKel doesn't make that claim.
My app is in an open field, no buildings etc., and I wanted to avoid the RF. Demo unit works fine outdoors. The NEO-M8N needs an LNA even for a passive antenna? I have a Gecho BLE on the same board, but both units will not be on concurrently.
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Clive1 is correct. No version of CAM includes or supports the addition of flash memory.
You can, however, design and build your own board using the EVA component to which you can add approved SQI flash memory.
by grampy answered Aug 10
The flash.xml file from uCenter breaks down a lot of supported parts. The current NEO-M8N has a 32Mbit (4MB) Macronix part.

An FAE should be able to provide a list of most current volume parts that are supported, not sure the HIM tracks the market conditions. The QSPI vendor should also be able to direct you to preferred or high-running parts with the best long term availability and shortest lead times.
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