Why is the power consumption of "Software backup" lower than that "GNSS stopped"?

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I use u-center to set the power state of u-blox M8Q. The result of measuring with an ammeter:

1. "GNSS stopped" : 3mA ~ 5mA

2. "Software backup" : 0.3mA

What is the Software backup? Why is the power consumption of "Software backup" lower than that of "GNSS stopped"?
by Kelly Chuang asked Aug 10
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Just like in your home computer: here are the big-picture categories
-- CPU and memories powered, CPU clock running, kernel running, GNSS app running.
-- GNSS app stopped.  Kernel running and consuming power.
-- Power applied, CPU clock stopped (IO, CPU and SRAM leakage current continues), RTC and BBRAM maintained.
-- Operating VCC and VCCIO removed (CPU and SRAM unpowered), but V_BCKP still supplied for RTC and BBRAM
-- All power removed.

This detail is available in bits and pieces in the documentation and command descriptions.

You should be able to match  the appropriate names to these modes as Run, GNSS stopped, software backup, hardware backup, off.
by grampy answered Aug 10
by grampy edited Aug 12
Send "B5 62 06 57 08 00 01 00 00 00 50 4B 43 42 86 46" (sofeware backup) to SAM-M8Q via UART and have rresponsed "B5 62 05 01 02 00 06 00" (ACK) . But GNSS module still running. Did NOT stop.
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