Can we achieve less than 1 meter accuracy in SAM-M8Q in Open Area?

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 I am planning to use SAM-M8Q for construction worker tracking application. So i purchased EVK SAM-M8Q for evaluation.  I tested under full Sky view and i got position with 2 to 2.5 meter difference. Can i improve the accuracy to less than 1 meter?

Also can i achieve less than 1meter accuracy in indoor or between huge buildings?

If not, what might be the correct module for my application(Wearable)?



by PratheepK asked Aug 10
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No, the CEP numbers quote in the specification are under the most optimistic conditions.

The antenna on the SAM-M8Q will also detune in the presence of the human-body.

It might be possible to buy SAM-M8Q's capable of outputting raw-measurements and use RTKLIB (or whatever), but such parts would likely be priced with a significant premium.

For indoor you're going to need to use other methods, beaconing, wifi heat mapping, INS/DR

You should perhaps seek out consultants with actual experience in this area, or purchase solutions from companies with pre-engineered solutions. Seem to recall a German company that was tracking football players, and people with shopping carts inside a super-market.
by clive1 answered Aug 10
by clive1 edited Aug 10
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