SIM Incompatibility with EVK-N211 / EVB-WL3

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Hello everyone,

i am using an EVK-N211 module and im running into problems when using the commands +CIMI +CCID and +CFUN=1 (and probably many more) which all result in +CME Error 4. I want to check if the SIM Card is accepted by the module and afterwards i would like to register the module to the PLMN.

I am using an NBIoT SIM by 1NCE (Telekom Germany) and all these commands work with the Quectel BC95 Module. I can register to Telekom Germany and i can detect the IMSI. The SARA-N211's version for Hardware and Firmware are 6.57, A9.06. I recently updated to this firmware version.

I cannot find a level translation for the SIM on the EVB-WL3 and i am measuring 1.8 V as a supply voltage of the SIM Card holder. I do not have a schematic/pinout of the EVB-WL3 so i am not sure if this measurement is correct. Is it possible that the EVB-WL3 only supports 1.8V SIM Cards? Otherwise i am out of luck with my Problem so far.

Thank you in advance for any tips
by thk123 asked Sep 12
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SARA-N2 supports only 1.8V SIM cards - you can find that info in SARA-N2 datasheet.
by grumpy answered Sep 14
Ok thanks. But there is such thing as a level translation for SIM cards, right? The TI TXS010x for example does that apparently. If i were to implement this in my own design could i use the SARA-N2 then? Are there other implications besides the voltage level that is wrong?
I see other u-blox modems supporting both 3 and 1.8 V parts.  But SARA-N2 only supports 1.8V.
If SIM is 3V then SIM will not run correctly.
I assume there are some special SIM level converters though I don't know what they are exactly.
Ok, thank you. I will look into level translation or just use the Quectel BC95-B8 / B20
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