SARA-U201 Certificate Authentication via Certificate Mapping in IIS

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Hi There,

 We are trying to achieve certificate authentication via Certificate Mapping in IIS.  Has anybody had any success?   We have tried import a root certificate in PEM format and in DER format.  Are there any additional commands in regards to how the UBLOX SARA-U201 presents the certificate to IIS.

by scantle asked Sep 13
by scantle edited Sep 13
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Certificate Mapping in IIS seems to be a Windows application.  Modem manages certificates internally.

As far as I can see there are no references to IIS in AT commands manual so that would mean it is not applicable to the modem.

If you want to manage certificates via Windows you may want to use external context connection where modem simply passes the data to and from application/server with all TCP stack and certificates managed by application.
by grumpy answered Sep 14
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