where do the differences between the X, Y, Lat and Lon histograms come from?

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by Kühlbauch asked Sep 13
by clive1 edited Sep 13
I don't know, but I also don't rely on u-Center to do my statistical analysis. Have you reviewed the dataset independently?
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If you have enabled "static navigation" setting then the reported Lat-Long coordinates in NMEA will be locked until  you move past a threshold. I believe that the XYZ ECEF coordinates are not subject to static lock.

The difference in distribution may be limited by the lower reported precision of Lat-Long in NMEA.
by grampy answered Sep 14
Thx for answering. I´m not sure which "static navigation" setting do you mean.
In UBX-CFG-NAV5 the navigation mode is set to "0-Portable" and the static hold threshold is set to "0".
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